April 28, 2017 - Friday
Fales Road Station
Building The New Fales Rd. Fire Station

As we continue in the process of building the new Fales Rd. Fire Station, we want to make sure that the community is updated along the way.

• Fire District 7 submitted for the conditional use permit on August 9th. There will be about a two month waiting period for comments from the county to be brought forth. If there are any comments or concerns, we will have the opportunity to mitigate those problems and the conditional use permit process will continue. This process will take about 4-6 months. Once the conditional use permit process is complete we can get a building permit and then the project will go to bid.

• Once the conditional use permit is applied for SCFD 7 will get a project number that will allow us to link to the county website for the review process. In that time a public notice will be sent out and a project board displayed on the property. There will be an option for public comment.

• The Fales Rd. Station Committee met with TCA and approved the final building plans.

• After mitigating the comments made through the first half of the conditional use permit process, TCA, the architecture firm we are working with, is scheduled to resubmit for the conditional use permit. They will simultaneously submit for the building permit.

• Based on the proposed timeline submitted to the District from TCA, we should be ready to break ground in late spring! Construction is expected to take about a year to complete.